Public Speaking

Having almost 30 years in the design industry as a licensed commercial and residential interior designer gives me an overall perspective on the world of design. In addition, I’ve worked in the building products industry for two major manufacturers as a National healthcare marketing manager, strategic sales manager, and now as the business owner of Otrada Design LLC.

I’ve been a Mom, single parent, caregiver, and widow. I’ve lost both my parents and my husband to Cancer. It’s given me a unique view of being fearlessly authentic in the pursuit of what makes me happy.

By sharing my experiences with young women, designers, home owners, sales staff, building product managers, developers, realtors, and investors, I hope to spread the importance of grabbing your NOW. What makes you feel authentic and happy as you pursue your dreams.

It’s not just the journey but the clarity of purpose that inspires others!

Suggested Topics

  • How to read a potential residential client
  • 10 min sales call -commercial/residential designers
  • Design your ideal career in Interior Design
  • Surviving and thriving after tragedy

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