The Magic of Intentional Design — Home Living Experience

The Magic of Intentional Design — Home Living Experience

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Have you ever walked into a spectacular hotel room and felt uplifted? Like you were a bit guilty of being there but weren’t exactly offering to give it up for the night either.

Unforgettable spaces impact not only our experience but our souls. As a child, I’d rearrange my bedroom every 6 months just to experience this new perspective. Everything was different from this new angle even when it was the same bed, bureau, desk, bookcase, and rocking chair- the latter a hand-me-down from my brother that only the youngest child of four could truly appreciate.

It wasn’t the stuff that interested me, but the arrangement of objects that had me feeling a brand new experience. I, too, became new just as my childhood bedroom morphed like magic. It was just 8 yr old me dragging heavy objects over wall-to-wall carpeting catching rug burns on my knees and blistering my fingers but I had a vision. I was curious to change my environment and feel this new space that was full of vibrant energy.

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